About Us

RWCC is the culmination of 20 years of relationships in the chemical coatings industry. A well-known and highly respected manufacturer of floor coatings urged a close friend to seriously consider starting a business applying these coatings in the Carolinas. This business would offer high quality garage floor coatings to the fast growing residential housing market. As this new business grew it evolved into providing specialty coatings and service to industrial clients. High-end concrete polishing was next. This business continues to grow and evolve. Customer demand continues to evolve this business … metallic floor coatings, specialty concrete additives and light repair … only the future knows.

With our expertise in the field and the ever-growing demand for high-quality garage floor coatings, our team quickly found success in the Carolinas market. However, as our business began to grow, we realized that our services could be valuable to industrial clients, as well. They expanded their offerings to include specialty coatings and high-end concrete polishing in Gastonia and the areas around.

Today, RW Custom Coatings continues to grow and evolve in response to customer demand, with new offerings such as metallic floor coatings, specialty concrete additives, and light repair. There’s no telling what the future holds for this successful business — but one thing is certain: they’ll be ready for it.

To provide our customers with the best service, we only use the finest quality products from manufacturers we know and trust.

We aim to continually evolve with our customers' needs and industry technology culminating in the finest concrete floor coating available.

Our Team

The true backbone of this business are the crews who apply the magic floor coatings daily. Of lesser importance, but begrudgingly significant to our operations are our founders.

Matt Ruff

The “R” in RWCC. Matt brings more than 20 years of hands-on engineering and sales experience to the business. Unfortunate yet essential, you’ll see this lout on your job-site. Matt not only quotes most of the the jobs but also oversees and manages the crews. Be nice. He’s old.

Ed Wilcox

The “W” in RWCC. Ed manages the relationships with the coatings suppliers. His concentration is on the industrial sector of the business and perhaps navigating the direction of the business. If you do ever see this guy on your job-site its most likely because his wife kicked him out of the house. He’s just as old as Matt but his pick-up truck is a little smaller.

Jon Clark

Otherwise known as “The Counselor.” Jon is the proverbial money man. Without Jon, Matt and Ed would have been stuck with some good ideas and nervous energy. Jon’s years operating a successful law firm and being active on several BODs have allowed his contribution to the business. He’s not just seen as dollar signs … Jon helps to set the operating standards to ensure current and future success.

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