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Residential Floor Coating for 2-Room, 3-Car Garage

RWCC filled gaps around perimeter of garage with foam core, silica sand and Mender. After that we ground the concrete substrate of the garage and vacuumed the excess dust. It was then time to tape any surfaces subjected to the coating process along the perimeter of the garage, as well as, garage door tracks, door thresholds and the garage apron. When this was completed, we sprayed a moisture barrier and pore-tightening product called Armidex to the entire garage. Armidex serves as a barrier between the coatings and any moisture, mineral releases like salt or iron present in the concrete and our coatings. Next we simultaneously applied a tan polyurea base coat while broadcasting ¼” acrylic chips called Pebble Beach.

After letting the chips adhere to the base coat for two hours the floor was scraped North/South, then East/West. Excess chips were then recovered and the entire 750 square foot garage was again vacuumed. The first clear polyaspartic topcoat was then applied allowing approximately two hours of dry time. The final step includes applying the second clear polyaspartic top coat and removing all tape from the site. The surface was ready for foot traffic and the return of personal belongings 24 hours later. After 36-48 hours (precautionary) the vehicles were returned to the garage.


Commercial Coating for 1500 square foot Warehouse

The same process was used as the job above. However, with this job there were many exposed mounting bolts from prior equipment that were ground ¼” below the concrete substrate and filled with Mender. We then hand-ground the Mender to the same level as the concrete pad to prepare for grinding of the entire warehouse.

On this job we also performed a double grind in some of the main warehouse areas where grease was present in the concrete. RWCC does this when oil or chemicals, etc. have penetrated the substrate and may cause adhesion issues with our coatings. This ensures a strong adhesion bond between the concrete and our coatings. Unlike epoxy, polyaspartics weld themselves to the concrete.


Concrete Polishing for Basement Studio Space

In this job the goal was to create a satin finish to the customer’s walk-out garage basement area that would serve as a family studio space. When polishing, we first determine what finish the customer requires, matte, satin or high gloss. The initial diamond grinding process is the same as coating polyaspartic acrylic chips floors, but then followed with Armidex for pore-tightening and a moisture barrier. Once this dries we install and grind/polish with decreasing grits of Mach tooling, Sector tooling and burnishing depending on the choice of finish appearance.

Once this is all completed, the entire surface is vacuumed to collect any residual dust. The final process is to apply 3 coats of special urethane to seal the concrete. Each sealing coat takes approximately 15-20 minutes of drying time. If you need floor coatings in Gastonia, call us to get a free quote!