Why Polyaspartic Coatings?

What Is Polyaspartic Coating?

Polyaspartic Coating is a user-friendly, high-solids binary coating with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This means far less chemical smells and fumes compared to epoxy concrete floor coatings — which are perfect for indoor flooring. Better yet, polyaspartic coating is a durable and long lasting coating that will keep your flooring strong while looking great!

To keep your floor long-lasting and durable, custom polyaspartic coating is recommended. With a quick cure time, RW Custom Coatings can install your personalized polyaspartic floor coating in Gastonia as little as one day.

Polyaspartic vs. Epoxy Coating

Worried about your floor getting damaged by UV light? Unlike an epoxy floor, a polyaspartic coating has greater stability and defense against fading, yellowing and chipping — making it a better choice for outdoor applications. It’s an ideal coating for concrete floors, as it can be installed in both clear or pigmented form which allows you to customize the look of yours depending on what style room décor is most suited!

They’re stronger and more resistant to wear and tear than epoxy coatings. Since polyaspartic technology cures much more quickly than an epoxy floor coating, means that the area can be used sooner. They are also less likely to form bubbles during the curing process, and they have better adhesion to a variety of surfaces.

Whether you’re looking for polyaspartic coatings indoors or out, they’re a great solution for high-traffic rooms or areas in your home or commercial space.

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When it comes to floor coating, there are many options to choose from. But if you’re looking for something that is both durable and stylish, then RW Custom Coatings is the way to go. We use a polyaspartic coating that is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and resist scratches and scuffs.

In addition to our standard colors, we also offer metallic, quartz, and other compound options that’s personalized to you. So whether you’re looking for a subtle shimmer or a bold statement, we have the perfect solution for you.

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